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Hull Designs Information

7 January, 2011  |  3 comments  |  Hull Designs

       Alumitech Inc. has roots going back to Air GatorAirboats in the 1970’s. We have been building aluminum airboat hulls as Alumitech Inc. since the early 1980’s. Most advancement in aluminum airboat hull technology has been done here. We have built hulls for every type of airboat application around the world and have the best reputation for quality and durability.

      We are a complete custom builder.  We build every hull to meet each customer’s individual needs. From small pleasure boats to the largest commercial boats and everything in between, we can produce exactly what you need. We build every hull with the same high standards and attention to detail that has built our reputation as the best aluminum hull builder in the airboat industry. 

     We have several different models that are distinguished by the way the bottom is designed:









 The Original Airgator

These are some of the most common hull upgrades shown below:

Large Drain Holes in Transom

4-Tab Gussets

Flat Hatch and drain

Flat hatch with drip rails

Rear Gusset Skirt

I-Beam Center Brace

long rake and nav lights


Short rake and nav lights


6 inch walk boards


Complete Walk Around


11 short t-bars


11 full t bars

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20 September, 2011Posted 4 years ago
kenny beamon
this is the first time i have seen your web site after the changes good job. and by the way if you dont have a alumitech airboat you just dont have a airboat
3 October, 2011Posted 4 years ago
John Jones
Great looking designs and airboats
31 January, 2013Posted 2 years ago
Jeff Love
By far the best handling boat I have ever owned in the water or the ground.
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